Friday, January 23, 2009

Thoughts on 'Abolition of Man'

In Abolition of Man C.S. Lewis talks about man's rule over nature. He talks about how we should not become to consumed with the world we currently occupy. We are meant for a world beyond this one. Lots of people are too worried about material things that do not concern God. People need to realize that knowledge over this world has value, but it is second to the Lord.

God wants us to live our lives in this world, but we have to realize that there is more. For thousands of years people have been too concerned with conquering nature, when we really need to work on is improving ourselves. This does not give us permission to be selfish and only think about what we want. We need to care more than anything about God and other people. For those are things that will matter in this life and the next. Material goods of this world are finite. God is eternal.

There are so many theories and beliefs in our world that are entirely based on facts people received from finite things of this world. We need to focus on what we have learned from God and to never put too much emphasis on things of this world.

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