Friday, January 16, 2009

Thoughts on 'Skrewtape Letters'

In Skrewtape Letters C.S. Lewis writes fictional letters from a head demon to a lower demon that is trying to tempt a Christian. In the letter we read Wormwood's patient has become a Christian. Skrewtape explains that this is not a bad thing, because then he falls into routine. The routine of going to church every weekend and praying before bed.

Skrewtape explains that all you have to do is keep him distracted from God. He tells Wormwood that originally it might have taken a good book to distract him from his faith, but less and less interesting things will be able to distract him such as a newspaper advertisement. We have to realize this. It is important to stay focused on what matter and to not get distracted by other people and their own problems.

Skrewtape tells Wormwood that the path to Hell does not matter. He says that the best path to Hell is a gradual one. He tells him that it is not better to get souls into Hell faster, because a dramatic temptation gone wrong could make the patient more aware. We have to take warning from this. The Devil is slowly boiling us; he is not going to just through us into the fire, because we will jump right back out. Sin is a slippery slope that we all are on. We do not just have to be wary of 'big' sins like murder. We have to stay away from every kind of sin no matter how big or small.

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