Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts on 'Learning in War-Time'

In C.S. Lewis' essay Learning in War-Time he discusses the difficulties and advantages of being educated during a war. One of the biggest advantages that he talks about is that war helps us become more aware of death. This also makes us afraid of death, but death is not something that we should be afraid of. Death is something that we should embrace with joy for it is when we unite with God. On the other hand we should not go looking for death. We need to listen to God and follow his plan.

Lewis also discusses the basic religious benefits that we receive from education. Education helps us to see and understand God better. We do not have to just learn about God himself though. Learning about the world and the creatures God created helps us understand God himself. Education also helps us defend off intellectual attacks from Satan. If we are ignorant of the world around us and the history of the Bible we are vulnerable to temptations.

It is important to be able to learn about God during war time, because we will never live in a time of constant peace until after we are dead. We need to learn through good times and bad times, because we are always going to be under constant attack from the devil.

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