Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thoughts on 'Our English Syllabus'

C.S. Lewis speaks strongly to the idea that we need to learn and not just be educated. Education is a word that has come to have connotations such as obligation. Learning is something that we do because we want to while going to school and being educated is something we do because we have to.

Some see education as a means to be equipped with what you need to do your job. Others see education as an opportunity to learn what they're interested in and what they want to know. Lots of people do not study what they love in school because they do not consider it to be practical. People realize that they have to earn a living on whatever job they pursue so they are persuaded to choose a career that has money in it not a career they are particularly interested in.

Lewis also believes that schooling should not only prepare us for our career, but for life in general. It should teach us how to live and develop us into a good person. A well rounded education is the best way to do this. If focus is only given to the area you plan on working in you will not have a good foundation for life. God wants people to become part of his kingdom not part of a certain working class.

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