Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thoughts on 'Poison of Subjectivism'

In the Poison of Subjectivism C.S. Lewis discusses how our perception of good and evil can be skewed. We are fallen beings by nature and even though we have a knowledge of good and evil we cannot clearly define what is right and wrong.

One of man's greatest sins is pride. It is because of this sin that we believe we can classify all acts into a scale of good and evil. We all know that gossip and murder are both sins, but for some reason we have decided that murder is a more serious sin than gossip. We do not have the perspective to judge these sins. The reason that we might determin that sins like gossip are lesser sins is probably because we perform this sin more often.

All of our logic is based on facts that are not valid. There is nothing in this world that we can base any hypothesis on. We get all our information from our six senses which can never be fully trusted. Only God can judge, because he is the only one that sees everything.


  1. I like your reminder that no sin is a lesser sin. God judges all our sins the same because they are all acts of disobedience to Him.
    Why do we consider some sins to be lesser than others? perhaps it is as you said and we perform some more often than others. We have become almost immune to some sins. Its something to really think about, would we ever become immune to "bigger" sins?

  2. Good point!

    I think the more we do them the more we become immune to what is left of our conscience! It becomes 'seared' and we do not see anything as sin or wrong anymore!
    This happens at individual and cultural level.

    However, it always starts at the individual as it slowly becomes acceptable to a society.

    What a personal responsibility!
    God bless,

    a & P