Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thoughts on 'Bulverism'

In this writing C. S. Lewis explains that he believes that most people's opinions are made of almost no facts and that most of there beliefs are made for no rational reason. He thinks that you must prove someone's beliefs wrong before you can start to discuss it with them. In other words Lewis thinks it is impossible to have a rational conversation about a person's beliefs with that person.

In class we talked about how this is a fairly common concept, but it is not a very common word. Bulverism happens a lot. People are so set in there beliefs that they do not even want to talk about it unless you can prove them wrong. I know that I am this way on some subjects such as politics. I am pretty set in my political beliefs and unless someone has absolute proof that I am wrong I do not want to hear about it. Often times I will hear something against a candidate I like and just chose to believe that they do not have there facts straight since there are so many lies and exaggerations circling politics. On the other hand I get really frustrated when someone will not listen to me about what I have to say about politics even though I do not like to listen to what people of opposing views have to say to me.

Over the years I have learned that everything is not black and white. It is always good to listen to both sides of an argument rationally. Criticism can be good. Sometimes it is healthy to hear what we can change and improve on. We must destroy Bulverism before reasoning can ever truly happen.

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